Employer?s liability insurance is designed to provide cover against employer?s liability towards his /her employees whilst at work. The Employee?s Compensation Act, 2010 is a social security/welfare scheme that provides comprehensive compensation to employees who suffer from occupational diseases or sustain injuries arising from accidents at workplace or in the course of employment.


The claim amount payable is the amount of compensation as stipulated in the Employee Compensation Act, 2010 and applies to those engaged for the insured?s business, profession or occupation.

Where the worker sustains injuries, gets ill or dies in work-related circumstances, the employer is liable to pay compensation to the worker or to his dependents, in the event of death.


  • The rates are adjustable as adjustments may be made for the period and for an extra premium.
  • The rate is calculated on the annual estimated wages disbursed to the employee which represents the sum insured and may be based on the nature of duties performed as contained in the tariff.

What Must I Do?

The applicant must complete the proposal form with details of the total number of workmen engaged for each type of duty. The applicant must also furnish details of the annual estimated wages in respect of each group.

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