Aviation insurance covers are available for several kinds on liabilities and risks which include the following:

  • Aviation Insurance Cover on Wet & Dry Leases
  • Loss of License Insurance
  • Airport Owner's and Operator's Liability
  • Passenger Legal Liability
  • Hull War Risks
  • Baggage, Cargo & Mail Liability
  • Third Party Liability

Aviation Refuelling Liability

Due the perils that may arise during refueling, this insurance is available to avoid such that may arise during de-fueling or lubrication of aircraft or during refueling. It covers a maximum of US$500,000,000.00. and and covers the fuel manufacturer, supplier, refueling operator or the other participants in the refueling facility for legal liability to third parties arising from bodily injury and/or property damage.

Premises & Hangar's Keeper Insurance

This cover is extended to handle loss resulting from the closure of airports and covers all liabilities of airports which may involve exposure to plant building and equipment and physical damage.

Loss of Licence Insurance

Due to the inability of crew and pilots to perform their duties, this insurance covers them in the unlikely eventuality of losses they may sustain.

General Aircraft Hull and Liability

This insurance covers all liabilities arising ou of the aircraft's operations and ownership as well as physical damage to the aircraft.

Crew Personal Accident

Similar to other benefit accident policies, this is particular for any exposure to accidents and risks that the crew and pilot may experience.

Ground Handling Liability

This policy compensates for any liability arising from the affairs of the airport or group handling companies.

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