This insurance is for anybody who as a result of theft, overturning, fire to conveying vehicle(s), collision. accident seeks to insure against damage to property or loss.


The following categories are available as insurance:

  • Restricted cover   - This cover is restricted to only where there is a somersault of the vehicle, accident or, collision within Nigeria.
  • All risks   - This class covers all types of risks and start upon the loading of the cargo unto the transit vehicle. It may be conveyed via road or rail anywhere in Nigeria. The cover ends when the goods Things to consider when underwriting After a proposal form is completed, to form the basis of contract, we consider the following areas in our determination to grant this type of insurance of
      • The nature of goods involved and whether owned or otherwise
      • Whether the applicant is an individual or corporate organization an
      • The duration in which the applicant has been engaged in the business of haulage
      • Whether there is a limitation in the quantity to de hauled
      • The quantity hauled every year
      • The manner in which the goods are conveyed The Contract or Hire Agreement
      • The previous insurance and claims history.
      • The distance to be covered
      • Details of the vehicles and Whether they are owned by the applicant or are leased

What rate is given Rating?

We are flexible with the rates depending on the type of cover requested.

  • The rates range from 0.45% - 0.55% for Restricted cover
  • The rates range from - 0.55% - 1% for All risks Cover
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